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Nylon Cantilever Roller for Chain Link Fence Gate

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Update time : 2017-05-17 21:45:33
Nylon Cantilever Roller is a kind of slidding gate hardware in chain link fittings.
Because of its special advantage,light weight, simple installation and easy slidding.It is widely used for chain link fence gate. If no eletrical machine installation for the gate, Just hand could push and slid the gate by this special nylon cantilever roller. Nylon cantilever roller includes round post tube gate roller and square post tube gate roller. All clients could choose suitable roller wheel according to its need.
Per Cantilever roller is composed of one nylon wheel,two U-Bolts and safety cover. Use these for any slidding and rolling gate. Four rollers are required for per gate. Gate are ‘sandwiched’ in between two top rollers and two bottom rollers. These are excellent for larger gates and any automated slidding gates. The design of this high quality rollers allows even the largest cantilever slidding gate to slid open and close effortlessly. Ease of slid will prolong the life of gate operators because it decreases stress on gate opener.
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Nylon Cantilever Roller Nylon Cantilever Roller
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