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Various Sizes of Fence Post Steel Cap

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Update time : 2017-02-27 22:23:20
   Fence Post Steel Cap belongs to Chain Link Fittings. But chain link fittings include not only fence post steel cap but also various types of other clamps, such as brace band, tensile band, 45 degree barbed arm, double barbed arms, cantilever roller.
    Fence post steel cap could be divided into round steel cap and square steel cap. Surface finishing could be hot dip galvanized, pvc powder coating or electric galvanized. All chain link fittings include steel cap are widely used for chain link fence. Most construction areas are outside. These surface treatment keeps all fence fittings anti-corrosion, anti-rust. Clients could install all cap by yourself when you receive order. There is no welding between the post and cap when install. All chain link fittings are supplied in Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Welcome to your enquiry. 
    Free sample could be supplied for your checking.

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