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Why HUXING Wire Mesh Fence Offer high?

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Update time : 2019-08-13 10:00:35
Some of clients often say: your offer price is high, expensive.
Why your wire mesh fence price is high,and they get cheaper price from others.

(1) Steel Materials is the first step for wire mesh products. We order and purchase steel materials from reliable suppliers. And steel material quality is guarantee. Not all suppliers could send you good quality steel materials. Some one supply low price steel materials with bad quality. 
(2) Productive process by experienced workers and advanced machinary. Thus every production detail is ensured. Each welding spot of wire mesh goods will be polished.  This step could make wire mesh surface smooth and beauty.
(3) Surface finishing includes hot dipped galvanized, electric galvanized, PVC coated, PVC Powder coating. With latest zinc coated technology for hot dipped galvanized, this keep zinc coated smooth and brightness. With good quality pvc powder (such as Akzo Nobel) for PVC Coated and PVC powder coating. Good quality pvc powder could ensure wire mesh products long lifetime.
(4) Packing and shipment: International standard packing request for every wire mesh. Keep all fence products anti-corrosion. Inspect and check each good quality before packing and shipment. Do not hesitate to change good quality products if find bad goods. Make all clients satisfied with wire mesh.
Above are the major data of influence the wire mesh fence price. Price high could not mean get much profit. But promise supply you qualified and satisfied wire mesh products.

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