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How to Ship and Pack Steel Palisade Fence for International Trade?

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Update time : 2017-04-05 22:49:21
Recently, more and more clients ask me " Where are you? How to buy steel palisade fence from you? China is so far from my address.".  Now international trade is very easy and puchasers could choose and custom-made steel palisade fence from foreign supplier. So above these doubt and worrying are showed and attached.

Now Serena from Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd answers all your worrying:
1, We are in China. My factory and all of my staff are China. All Steel Palisade Fence design, production of Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd are in China.
2, Yes. China is really far away from  other countries, such as Australia, Newzealand, USA, UK, France, Africa, the Middle East. But Far distance could not affect our trade business. Sea shipping, Air shipping and Express shipping make internation trade easy and quick.
3, T T is most used payment method in international trade. When you choose our steel palisade fence, please confirm which size and specification is suitable for you. All steel palisade are custom-made production. There is no goods in stock. So please make order in advance according to your application time. In international trade, shipping time is must. Because steel palisade fence is belong to heavy weight and large volume products, so sea shipping in container is widely used. Sea shipping is economic than air shipping.
4, Because of special design of steel palisade fence, there are two kinds of packing in shipping. One is packed all W pales and Support rails. Clients fit and connect all W pales and support rails with bolts according to drawing. All W pales and Rails are punched holes for bolts. The other is steel palisade fence are combined and connected in our factory before shipping. Then steel palisade fence panels are packed on steel pallet. You could decide and choose reasonable shipping and packing according to your quantity.

More steel palisade fence description, please note Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd. We will list all answers about your worrying.
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