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What is Construction Site Fence?

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Update time : 2017-05-12 10:06:34
  Costruction site fence is widely used for secure construction sites. It is could named temporary fencing.
  As known, construction sites is not safe.This time temporary fencing is suitable for this areas. Temporary fencing is portable, movable and easy installation. No digging area, all temporary fencing panels are fixed on the ground by plastic concrete fence feet. Every fence feet is filled up with concrete. It is about 30KG weight. Thus fence panels could be put into the holes of the feet. Then all steel temporary fence panels connect by steel bracket. This special structure keep temporary fence strong and movable. More important, you could move all fence to other places application when this site is completed. There is no any destruction between the fence and the ground. Therefore, construction site is also called temporary fencing and temporary construction fencing.
  Hot galvanized temporary construction site fence is widely used in Australia and Newzealand. PVC powder coated temporary construction site fence is most popular in Canada and America. High corrosion resistance, anti-rain,anti-snow,anti-rust makes temporary construction site fencing long lifetime for outdoor usage.

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